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4621 W 46th Street
Tulsa OK 74107
Office: 918-447-1700

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Patriot Transit, LLC has a large fleet of trucks with experienced drivers that can accommodate any customers needs. We provide Local, OTR, Direct Discharge and Dedicated Services.


For your Pipe Repair and Storage needs - Patriot Pipe Services, Inc.


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5424 Oates Road

Houston TX 77013

About Us

Who is the driving force behind this successful operation? Owners David Spencer and Rex Ready, with over 50 years combined experience, are proven leaders in the pipe storage and transportation industry, whose focus on integrity and customer service have built a solid and competitive business. As a yard service and transportation provider, our company's goal is to provide world class service by being responsive, reliable, and trustworthy with competitive rates and safety.


17630 Beaumont Hwy
Houston TX 77049
Office: 281-456-0500
Fax: 281-456-0540